Money is considered the source of happiness and why is it so? Because you can buy all your needs and wants and wishes from it. But the industry of today’s world is so much in competition with others that they need customers so that they run their businesses. As it is always has been the motto that buyer is the king. He is the one who sets the price. Like people need stuff for themselves, businessmen need customers for their profit. Business is like a game, only one can be in position one, only one can survive at the end of the day. In order to stand in number one position, strategy, plotting, and scheming is your key. And the best way to get a suitable strategy for the profit, one needs to understand his rival. Only then he can make a strategy that could present the best out of him that could be the reason for standing on number one position. Buying things or trading things is a two-way process. The more seller can satisfy his buyer, the more a buyer will spend on the seller by buying things for him.


Sometimes, things become so much expensive that people cannot even afford it, if we see an example of carpets then it is on another level, in terms of pricing. People want the best, but with the right amount of price. Now that online business is also a reliable source of buying things that people are searching for carpets online, even sometimes their search includes cheap carpets, cheap not in the sense of quality but cheap in sense of less money. This is the 21st century where people want the best, but with lower pricing. Not only the middle class and lower class, but also upper class want to save their money. Then there comes the sale business. Which has always been a source of profit? What happens is, if you go in a sale season, you would get to know the difference of price in the sale than the original one and then you end you buying it because when the sale ends, the price would again reach at the top of the world. So people try to rush in the sale season. Then the question arises, is sale ever the source of loss for brands? The answer is no, exceptions are there, as always but sales are the source of attracting customers, which most of the time ends up in making customers loyal. Whether it is electronics on sale, tiles for sale, decorating stuff or carpets for sale, it mostly is the cause of getting a good amount of profit from it.

Tapi Carpets

As we are talking about carpets and rugs and suitable pricing of it, the first and better option, we have is of, Tapi Carpets. If we go through the website of Tapi Carpet then we can see the 50% on carpets. Summer sale, winter sale, festival sale, New Year sale, basically any festival is around and here comes the sale as well. If we search the website then on Adair we have now 50% sale and on Allure we have 20% sale. Brands try to divide the price in such a way that every item gets a sale tag on it. Similarly, Ikea carpets are again a good store to get things. What is the best thing about Ikea is that they try not to end the sale so soon? They always have plenty of varieties that could attract customers.

eBay Market Place

Another strategy that brands or online store are using is the mentioning of figures so that people could see the number of sold items and they could see how good their sale is. E-Bay is one of the finest websites of all the time, which not only gives a good sale but also provide the number of items sold. If we see the carpet section, then all the carpets or rugs that are present on this website also has the number of selling items. Which not only help in analyzing the statistics of carpets or rugs but also helps in figuring out the best of it.

Types of Fabrics

Hillarys, consider as one of the good and reliable brands of carpet. They started their work by making a blind and now they are in the position where they have good and plenty of options in carpets, in rugs, shutters, blinds and even the curtains. They are also in the business for sale, mid-summer sale, winter sale, festival sale, summer sale, they always try their best to engage their customers by introducing sales. Up To 50% off always is the reason why people like sales and the service they provide that their experts come and measure on its own and it is for free is also a strategy that engages customers. There are almost 250 fabrics in carpet sections which gives a room to the buyer of choosing the best out of all of the fabrics.

Sale & Offers

If we want to see another level of sale strategy, then we have flooring superstore, the sale of this store goes to 70% off, which means they almost cut down the price up to 70 %, more than half of the price. What they do is, they give sample pieces, free sample pieces that buyer can have it, they don’t need to ask for pieces, they simply get it which helps in making a good decision for choosing a right carpet for their house.

Sales not only helping the buyer to get a carpet in a right amount but also it is helping the brand in so many ways. If I am getting a carpet in an affordable amount with a good quality and good design of the carpet. And of course with so many options of colors than what I would is to tell in my circle which ends up giving more customers to the brand, which results in getting a good amount of profit from the sale, which is the first target of the brand in the first place.

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