Practical Applications of Humidity Testing Chamber


Tests for stability are an important step in the development. These tests are important for the safety of the quality of the product. Humidity chamber is a testing tool for analyzing the prolonged effect of the humidity on the components for fixing the quality of its parameters. This tool is not only used in one industry applications but in all the industrial applications. Temperature and Humidity test chamber is used in industries like plastic and rubber, pharmaceuticals to assure the quality.

How Humidity Chamber Helps?

Humidity testing chamber help to determine the behavior of the components in conditions of serve test and environments that involve different relative humidity. The test can be done in a static state and can also be done in a dynamic state by taking the humidity as constant, where the moisture is used to give rise to a failure of components or material.

To control the humidity of the chambers without controlling the temperature of the machines inaccurate and repetition is quite difficult. If the user wants to control the humid and dry environment without controlling the temperature then it will affect the humidity accuracy level. The ratio between the amount of moisture in the air with respect to the amount of moisture it can hold is known as the relative humidity. The more the temperature of the chamber that means the air is capable to handle more the moisture at the given temperature. It means the relative humidity depending on the temperature, relative humidity changes with the change in temperature. So the stable temperature helps to make certain of obtaining the stable level of relative humidity.

Applications of Humidity Chamber

Humidity chamber is created by using saturated salt solution or an exact amount of sulfuric acid-water mixture. After this, put this sample at a specified humidity chamber and then equilibrium period comes, after equilibrium period you can determine ERH. There are many environmental humidity chambers such as Dry and Desiccator Cabinets, Fuming Chamber, Salt Spray Tester, Dust Resistance Test Chamber, UV Weather Resistance Test Chamber, Two–Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber, Programmable Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber, Freeze Thaw Chamber and Water Resistance Test Chamber, etc.


Some of these chambers are constructed of high-quality stainless steel and having full-size acrylic door so that the contents can be visualized easily, some are designed for the fingerprints to show up on the objects, some are used to test the corrosion resistance of samples and many more. This is how the humidity testing chambers are of a great use for the industries.

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