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National Plant & Equipment is the specialist in supplying heavy earthmoving equipment to civil construction sectors as well as mining sectors. They have been in this service since 1997, established by Mark Ackroyd with the vision of gaining popularity as the biggest and best earthmoving rental company in Australia. With the right will power and driving ambition, the company has grown from a single bulldozer to Australia’s largest massive earthmoving rental fleet, and they have been expanding since. They can say with confidence that the 250 units that work with Australia’s major mining companies are the toil and hard work of all the members of the company since the beginning.

With the biggest and the most premier service on offer along with the best pieces of equipment which is on par with today’s technology. Their services are extremely reliable.

Understanding the needs of a customer and working with them to yield the best result is the approach they take. Moreover, they adapt to the needs of the customer and provide them with tailored service solutions. They offer both wet and dry hire, which will be very easy for you as you can get both intended services at one place. There are long-term as well as short term rentals available, and you can choose the options according to the suitability. They also provide flexible maintenance solutions, which is also an added perk to the customer from the company. Hire-to-buy option, Ancillary Products, Sourcing and Support and Tailored Commercial Contracts on their Comprehensive Fleet are the best solutions for any customer. They also provide a fixed monthly price to all the customers impartially.


The help they have is local talent, as well as the best technicians across the country come and work of NPE. Technicians work around the clock to provide the best service to all the customers. In doing so, they have mastered their art over time and now have made their works impeccable. They maintain the most complex and have technologically adapted large earth moving machines. They have excavators, excavators, dump trucks, graders, loaders, dozers, compactors, water trucks, service trucks, and floats. They understand the needs and requirements and what losses can any kind of delay bring and thus promise quick services to anyone who hires them. Accordingly, they maintain 24/7 maintenance and repair works even in the most remote locations across Australia. Here they are known as the “remote service specialists”. These have made the establishment a considerable success. They work with leading corporations like BHP, Roy Hill, Glencore, Anglo-American, Rio Tinto and YanCoal.

They are strategic partners to the best mining companies in Australia. Having extensive industry experience and have earned the trust of the most respected companies in the country. With an extensive fleet and service providers as well as technicians who work 24/7 to bring out the best fruit in all the endeavours have made the company unstoppable since 1997. For further enquiries about the services, you can contact us, or you can visit the website online, which lists out all the services and their latest achievements.  There are many benefits to working with them. The customers, the support, the staff and everyone else empower them and you can contact them through email or send a message through the website.National Plant & Equipment aspires to be an ‘”unstoppable” force, in providing you with the best service and the best solution. They consider the problems of the customers their own. They have begun from scratch as a small rental to the biggest earthmoving rental fleet in the country. NPE is also the country’s pride. Taking their services can help you make a massive difference in your speed and deliverance.

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