Here’s a great news for the companies that are facing many problems in dealing with the freelancers.

As Microsoft and another software company Upwork have announced that they both have come together to help the companies with the new tools in order to manage the freelance workers.

Reports say that the new tools and the software will help the companies to provide temporary access to their data and account to the temporary employees and workers.

This will help the company to secure their privacy and security and also improve their workflow.

As the company that hires the freelancers and temporary employees for a specific project for a limited period of time can allow them to access the workplace accounts, team chat groups, and other data for a limited period of time.

As when the project or a certain task for which the employee was hired will get completed, the software will automatically cut down the access of the employee to all the data, accounts and chat groups, and any other important asset or resource of the organization.

This will be a great revolution for the companies in the field of managing their data and ensuring the security of their projects and other business operations that are needed to be confidential.

Previously, the management team of the company has to block the access of the accounts and data given to the freelance workers.

This manually blocking from accessing the accounts and data of the company leads the company to the waste of their time and manpower.

Therefore, adopting this new software can easily lead a company to utilize their time and manpower more rapidly and this can result in the rapid growth of a company.

Take of Upwork CEO of New Tool

The CEO of Software Company named Upwork also thinks that the new free tool called Microsoft 365 Freelance Toolkit will attract the companies and the customers to buy the upgraded and paid software product of Upwork that will also allow the users to access additional features of managing freelance screening services.

The company will be going to charge the 20% (10% for the freelancers) of the total value of the projects.

This decision of the companies to launch a new software tool for the companies to manage the freelancers is a great step.

And the tie-up between the Upwork and the Microsoft has taken place because the management of the Upwork believes that by working with the Microsoft, they will get a good amount of business because Microsoft Corporation is a big name in the field of IT solutions.

Therefore, they also have a big list of customers and buyers. Hence, by teaming up with Microsoft the Upwork will be able to earn a lot of profit which will help them to increase the growth of their company.

The CEO of Upwork also says that in today’s era, every professional is connected to the software tools and products of Microsoft.

As the freelancers who use the Upwork to get coordinated with the companies have to work on various Microsoft software tools and products.

As there are many projects and operations that are carried out on Microsoft tools.

Also, by using the new software tool the companies will be able to find the list of freelance workers that are having their specialized working on Microsoft tools and software as they might have worked earlier on the projects that have been accomplished on the Microsoft software.

Hence, the use of such a new tool by the companies will turn out to be a great move.

Bottomline is that this new collaboration will make the Dynamic 365 development cheap then because other companies charge their client per hour but in this freelancer will act as a B2B.

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