Whether you want to inform the public about imminent threats or create awareness, there is a wide range of options to choose from. However, print signs West Midlands have come to be long established as a choice option among other means of advertising. Many signs and banners carry adverts on sales, events, real estate and product promotions and others to create awareness. These signs can be seen on the windows of local stores, commercial establishments making use of the best print materials.

Poly Bag Signs

U shaped wires could be placed into white plastic bags or sleeves with a plastic film over it to create poly bag signs; the U shaped wires which form the frame and the plastic bags should be of equal breadth in order to keep the bag taunt. These signs are usually printed using web process which is cost effective especially when on a large number of sign orders. These bags are usually lightweight and small in size. The propensity of these signs to give way at the bottom degrades its aesthetic appearance.

Corrugated Signs

Fluted, corrugated signs are inflexible and could withstand extreme weather condition. It is easy to put up and take down. It is just perfect for businesses looking to stay committed to the same message and look. This advertising medium is not completely opaque which implies that two-sided printed signs have a degree of transparency. Since the cost of advertising using corrugated plastic signs is high compared to other mediums, the cost of replacement as a result of lack of maintenance and disrepair should be considered.

During manufacturing, an average H frame is welded with a cross brace or two. This accounts for its expensiveness when compared to other bent type frames. However, some suppliers have single pole wires at the more affordable sign.

Fold-over Signs

Fold-over Signs is the plastic coated, paperboard sign. Quality printers use a waterproof laminate – the interior is an all white, opaque, stiff, solid bleached, paperboard core which has been treated for water resistance. This stock is then extruded on both surfaces with a plastic film

After this, the advert message is printed on one side. A double-sided, fold-over sign is formed when the sign is folded with the aid of a back score and its edges are bound with the use of a stapling pin or glue. The sign is passed over a completely inflexible U-shaped wire frame which needs only two-thirds of the total breadth of the sign. The sign has a great ability in withstanding extremes of weather condition.

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