Whether you are preparing lunch or planning a lavish dinner party, having an organized and stocked pantry is a major help. The food stock that once facilitated you to serve delicious food to the family becomes a hassle when you are set for an upcoming move. Feeding yourself and the family, before, during and after the move is important but at the same time, transporting food items from one place to another is a tough job. It is important that you have the inventory details of the pantry before you plan a move. Here are some important guidelines that would help you in the swift transfer of perishable goods.

Do not shop too much:

Having too many stocks can make things worse. It is important that you utilize the items you already have than buying fresh from the market. Find out recipes that you can prepare from the available ingredients and enjoy meals before the house removal service providers arrive.

Hire a cooler:

There are high chances that you may not be able to finish all the stocks. In such cases, hire a house removal company that can offer you cooler services for the move. You can keep the leftovers in the coolers to avoid the damages.

Donate items:

Not every removalist in Melbourne provides moving services for food items. If you are dealing with one such packers and movers company, it is best to donate the extra items to needy people.

Consume frozen food items first:

To avoid wastage of food and keep the quantity of perishable goods minimum for the move, it is recommended to consume the frozen items first. It can be done by making a meal plan that revolves around the items in your freezer.

Set a meal plan for the day of the move:

The day you are moving will be hectic and stressful. If you haven’t decided to buy all the food for the day, it is advisable to have separate reserves. Remember, you will also need food as soon as you arrive at your new address and after such a hectic day cooking something is not a choice. Have ready to eat a meal prepared for such situations.

Use airtight containers for spices:

To make sure all your edible items are moved to the new address safely, use air-tight containers for packing them. This should is of great importance in case of spices. The aromatic spices can not only catch the moisture in the atmosphere but also lose their aroma.

Check for expired food items:

It is important to check the expiry date of each and every item to make sure you do not carry anything that is no more of your use. Also, check if anything is expiring during your move or after you reach the new place.

These are some amazing tips to handle your food items and make your house removal Melbourne easy, swift and mess free. Happy moving!!