How to Cope up With Challenges of Moving into a Studio Apartment


Moving from a bigger house to a studio apartment can prove to be really challenging. No matter whether you are moving from a rented house to your own house, or you are planning to downsize your accommodation, you are going to face a number of challenges in adjusting and accommodating in a smaller place.

It may look cute to have a smaller place but trust us it not going to be what you expected it to be, especially you have never experienced staying in a smaller apartment.

However living in a studio apartment comes with a lot of benefits including lesser expenses, little maintenance, privacy and a lot more. All these advantages are more than enough to outweigh the difficulty that you may face while shifting to a smaller apartment.

Here are some tips that can help you to adjust to your new studio apartment:

  • Check multiple studio apartments: Before you finalize the studio apartment for yourself, make sure to check multiple studio apartments. Not all apartments are the same, and they may vary in size, area, and structure. Some may work better for you that is why it is always recommended to explore options before settling down for the one.
  • Take only what you need: Space is going to be the biggest challenge while shifting in a studio apartment. You will not have enough room to keep any unnecessary item, that is why take only that possession which are in use and are must for your survival. You need to shift your lifestyle to minimalist, we understand that it is not easy to get rid of many of your possessions but for comfortable living in a studio apartment it is really important to be ruthless while discarding things.
  • Avoid bulky furniture: There is no doubt in the fact that furniture takes all your space. Therefore it is recommended to discard all your bulky furniture and take along only required and minimal pieces of furniture. You can always get the customized furniture for your studio apartment, buying multifunctional furniture is recommended for studio apartments. For example, you can always buy a couch which turns into a bed at night.


  • Storage solutions: Before moving into your studio apartment, space management is something that you must take care off. You need to look out for several ways to maximize the existing space of your home. Some of the clever storing tricks that can help you are:
  • Try to install storage shelves from floor to ceiling, using vertical space for storage is the most practical option for maximizing storage space in studio apartments. Items which are used rarely must be kept on the top shelves.
  • Use every nick and corner, including the space above the entrance door for storage cabinets.
  • Try to keep items under the bed, behind the door or fridge to ensure that your apartment looks clean and tidy.

Apart from these tips, renting a storage unit can also help you to preserve your possessions without creating a mess in your studio apartment.

While moving into a studio apartment worry only about space management, for rest of the things you can always rely on best Los Angeles Movers at Moving Relo. We are the experts who are masters of packing, transporting and even unpacking all your essentials with great diligence to make your move a happy one.

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