Household: Sharing family tasks to save time

Between the dishes, the linen, the dust, and the vacuum cleaner, to keep a good mood and certain equity in the household, why not delegate and put your small family to contribution? Not only do you save time, but most of all you build relationships by sharing pleasant moments together. Because the secret of a good household goes through a good organization, take now these good resolutions back to school!

“But, I had to ask, I will have helped you!”

A cartoon that creates buzz: the blogger Emma

Published on May 9, 2017, this Comic Strip has spread like wildfire on social networks. The idea comes from a designer and author known as Emma. Invited to sup at a colleague’s house, she discovers a household scene that will inspire her to create “Must have asked”. This comic strip illustrates the unequal division of housework in the couple and the responsibility of women to think constantly about these domestic tasks, the famous notion of “mental load”.

The mental charge, what is this new concept?

Often referred to as feminist, the concept of “mental charge” is no longer recent. It was mentioned for the first time in the 90s, at the time of the sexual division of labor. In common sense, the household mental load is the management of the home by the woman within the couple. Basically, she deals with the distribution of chores while performing a large part. At the end of the day, this represents almost all the tasks to be done. As Emma says so well in her comic strip: “it always has to think about it”.

Breakdown of time spent on domestic tasks between men and women

For a mother, the well-being of her family is a priority. It is for this reason that carrying out the housework takes up all his time. Generally, women spend more hours cleaning than men, which is 3:30 to 2 hours. Although there have been changes, the gap is quite large. This inequality has an impact on professional, political and associative life and even on the well-being of women. She has less time to devote herself to her hobbies. But today, this can change thanks to teamwork.

Doing the housework

A checklist of tasks to be done

Do you want a nickel job? Discipline and motivation are the watchwords. Little by little, they will turn into good habits. Before taking action, draw up the schedule of the work to be done. Start with the heaviest tasks. The best is to rank them in order of priority and difficulty. For effective work, use a checklist. Thanks to this little note, you will not forget anything! Your list must be well detailed so that all stages of the drudgery are marked.

Involve Dad

Although dads and the household often do two, teamwork requires, everyone has to get started! However, moms cannot help but wonder: how am I going to convince him? No need to panic, just ask him nicely. Learn to communicate with your spouse to find common ground and achieve a fair share of chores. Ladies, avoid destructive criticism! Certainly, men can be clumsy but know that for their part, they do their best. So, a little tolerance and a lot of encouragement!

House Cleaning With Family

Children: what task for what age?

Toddlers are also concerned by the maintenance of the house and it starts at an early age:

  • 2 to 3 years: store toys and books, put dirty clothes in the laundry bin, throw garbage in the trash;
  • 4 to 5 years: feed pets, water plants, wipe the kitchen table;
  • 6 to 7 years old: take out the garbage cans, peel the vegetables, and replace the role of toilet paper;
  • 8 to 9 years: load the dishwasher, put away clean clothes, walk the dog;
  • 10 to 11 years: clean the bathroom or kitchen, prepare a simple meal;
  • 12 years old and over: wash the floor, do the shopping with a list (write down the prices and give the appropriate amount), help or do some odd jobs, iron the clothes…
  • The solution: take a housekeeper

Save time and energy!

One is never better served than by oneself. Although, delegating housework is not a bad idea. Too much office work, too tired to clean, in short, there are a thousand reasons not to clean up. The solution, contact a home cleaning agency to save time and energy! Plus, it’s not a luxury; you’ll find the right person with rates tailored to your wallet.

Find a cleaning agency

At housekeeping agency. You define your needs, the team is committed to finding you the rare pearl. The jobbers are selected according to well-defined criteria in order to guarantee you a serious and irreproachable work. Do not hesitate to consult the reviews left by users to find the most recommended agent. To discover the steps to follow, describe your need online.

Rates charged

It’s not always easy to calculate the right cleaning rate. Several factors must be taken into account, including the extent of the surface to be cleaned, the chores to do, the extra work … Thanks to Eco Fms, it will not be a puzzle! Prices are recommended when you communicate your need. There may be changes, but it depends on the delivery. Did you know that the services offered by are not increased? Yes, great, is not it?

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