Are you sick of job rejection? fed up with job hunting and Sending applications? Facing constant job rejection ’s?

If All The answer to all the questions is yes, Then this article is for you.

When you have applied for a job many time but every time faced Rejection, that means you are not qualified for the job you have applied.

You might have thought why do my job applications keep getting rejected but Remember that all the Employers filters an Average number of job applications before giving a job to a proper person fit for that job position and company.

Every Time while posting the Job, employers mention all the job requirements for the Job profile they are hiring. Employers may have determined all those skills which are necessary for that particular job you might have applied for.

Just by blindly applying to everything on your radar you may think to get you are increasing your chance to land in a perfect job, but in reality, you are wasting your valuable time and energy. Recruiters randomly don’t hire anyone but they only hire the candidates who are best-qualified applicants for that job.

Few reasons for job rejections:

But Still, there might be few applicant rejection reasons which we might be not aware of and don’t know how to deal with job rejections.

Lack of work experience:

Most of the times employers look for the experienced candidates for their company and it will be clearly mentioned in the job posting for any position. During the job interview process If you’re close you might be considered but if you fall significantly short you might not be selected.

Short of skills:

Employers always look for the skilled and qualified candidates to join their company so think twice before submitting the application for any job. Most of the time while posting the job the skill set required for the position will also be mentioned, and if you don’t have at least most of them you won’t be considered.

Educational requirements for the Job:

While posting the job employers list educational requirements for the position mentioned. You’ll need to meet those requirements in order to be chosen for an interview.

Short on connections:

Not All the job needs connections but some jobs especially like sales, you need to have a network of contacts and clients that you can tap. Be sure that you have the client base or connections you’ll need to be the success on the job.

The job or company isn’t a fit:

Not always but Sometimes, the job or the company simply isn’t a match for what you looking for your next job or job change. There could be many reasons behind this like you don’t have the job requirements or that you have a different concept of work than the company does.

Always remember all the above things while applying for the jobs, to get the ideal job you are looking for.

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