Finding Employees For Small Business: An HR Expert Guide


Starting a business and growing it to the fullest you can, are long term processes. While you are doing it and in one of the initial stages, you need a team. A team of dedicated employees and a team whose talent you can rely upon.

To recruit employees is always a crucial task for any company as the recruit will, in one way, decide the future growth of the company. As we all know the labor force is shrinking and is difficult to get skilled employees. Small businesses also can’t afford long-run and expensive training sessions. Thus for finding employees for small businesses, we have curated some tips on how could they find and onboard the right candidates for their business.

What Platforms Can Give You Desired Candidates?

The main question is where can you find the bunch to select from? Here are four main places that you can look for. But follow the advises given below for hassle-free and fast recruitment.

Online Networking And Online Job Platforms

Online networking reaps your fruits for the long term. Being a small yet growing business, you would have the need to create a brand name in the whole market and also need to employ candidates often. This is sorted by one single but the consistent method – Online Networking. There are many platforms that give equal opportunities for businesses and individuals to network, LinkedIn being the most popular among them. Others include many social networking sites too. The most popular and effective ones are Reddit Foursquare, Meetup, Bark, Opportunity and Google’s Community Forums.

Online job and recruitment platforms like Questy have made it even easier to hire a candidate by providing pre-employment assessments for a variety of job roles, sourcing of candidates, funneling them and prepare unbiased test conditions. These tests are also designed and proctored in an unbiased manner. Many service providers are available on the internet and offer affordable services too. You can choose from a large variety of service providers.

Talking about online job portals, you should be creative and design your job advertisement accordingly. International connections have made it more diverse to select from. Decide first what employees you want, distant and free-lancer or in-office and full time. Then plan your marketing and advertising stint.

Offline Networking And Job Fairs

Offline networking can be done by joining business groups, conclaves and groups that promote internal and external business opportunities. This will let you create brand awareness as well as contribute to your candidate sourcing needs. You may be thinking local banners won’t work for you in this stage, but they will work if you implement well. Brand yourself as the ideal local recruiter.


Job fairs are another good sourcing platform. It has an ample amount of participants and you can find quality among that quantity with the right testing and interviewing. The ideal test you can give there is the actual work they would be doing after they get the job. Of course, it should be basic enough for them to attempt.

Business References And Employee Referrals

Business References are important as they are coming from your peer businessmen and their community. Some might be knowing ex-employees that might be right for the job vacancy you have. Some may have interviewed specific people that they couldn’t hire and are good for the job role you have. Some may have a connection with the ideal candidate. You never know. But the main take away here is their suggestion would be valuable and worth taking.

The next best source would be your employees. They know the company, they know the requirement, they know the management and they know what the company exactly needs at the current time. If not, let them know and explain them. Then create an employee referral program to give them an incentive to source candidates for you. After all, they are ones who know and connect with the work-force well.

Local Universities And Institutes

Local universities are the best place to get the talent you want for a small business. You can create brand awareness locally, get interns and get the right dedicated employee for your work. Though they may not be the best talent bunch for you, they always have a few standout students that can be suitable for you.

Attract them with knowledge and growth incentives to get on board. Talking about your benefit, you are getting an opportunity with a fresher enthusiast and enrich him or her with your company values. It will be easy for such candidates and they don’t have any in-built work ethic and style at the beginning of their career. Some will also stay till you grow the biggest of your potential!

What Is The Right Way To Approach On These Platforms?

There are standard stages of the recruitment process, which when followed gives you results. But for special cases of small businesses and considering their needs, one must keep following the below instructions. This will optimize the process and prove to be a long term investment.

  • Always carry your business cards in every business event.
  • Connect and Network at every business conference.
  • Analyze employees at other businesses
  • Find out the salary range first before posting any job.
  • Offer an employee benefit program
  • While advertising, emphasize the benefits of working in small businesses
  • Be creative with the perks of joining you by incentive programs, profit-sharing programs, etc
  • Advertise on the Facebook community, Linked and many creative ideas of job listing other than the conventional ones.
  • Brand yourself as a recruiter by talks, coaching and consulting.


It truly is a long term process and it should be. You may get lucky sometime, but a perfect recruit for your company generally occurs once you have gone through and lived these phases. There is no ideal way, you have to find your own through trial and error. Recruitment for each role happens in different ways. Find more opportunities to connect and network constantly and you will never go short of applicants when in need.

Author Bio: Jenny Watson is a technology enthusiast. She is studying the rise of technology integrations in every field, including the trends in human resources management. She is an avid reader, knowledge seeker and a content aficionado.

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