So, you’ve made this amazing decision. You are about to step into a great adventure of moving to Sin City. We all know it’s one of the most interesting places to be in the USA. And if your plan is to live there, you need to be well prepared. Living in Las Vegas means experiencing a bit more than what people imagine this city to be. This means you are about to see beyond the vast casinos and neon lights. And in order to make the best of it, there are things you should know when moving to LV. Do you think you already know enough? Don’t be so sure. A weekend in a Las Vegas hotel is far from an actual place of residence in LV. You might just be surprised!

Get ready for the desert climate

If you are a true fan of lazy rainy afternoons, we’ve got some bad news for you. Moving to LV means living inside the desert. And here in Las Vegas, we don’t see much rain. Don’t be too worried, though. Dry heat is good heat! Without humidity, it will be much easier to endure high temperature. And you’ll definitely experience those! But don’t store away your warm blanket while getting ready to move. It can get quite cold during the night near the Mojave Desert. So when moving to LV, get ready to see more than 300 days of sun a year and virtually no rain and no snow whatsoever. If you are about to move long-distance, this can be quite a change for you. Most importantly, it can be a great change!

Is moving to Las Vegas a money-related decision?

If you are relocating to Las Vegas for money-related reasons, you can relax. It may come as a surprise, but Sin City is not there just so people can gamble their money away! You can make a comfortable living here as well. And to start your Las Vegas life by spending your money sensibly, make sure you hire the most professional movers you can find, such as Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas. When moving to LV, you need the most reliable help you can find.

Affordability of living Las Vegas might be surprising for some

Don’t take this the wrong way – living in Las Vegas is not considered cheap. But bearing in mind it’s one of the most attractive destinations in the USA, it is not as expensive as one might imagine. Housing and transportation are the biggest factors in the cost of living in Las Vegas. No income tax and low overall taxes mean more money for you! Groceries, health, utilities – they are all below or at a nation’s average. No need to worry about finances when moving to LV. Especially if you have a job waiting for you there.

Job market facts to know when moving to LV

As you might have imagined, Las Vegas makes most of the money from tourism. Nearly 50% of the workforce here is supported by this industry. So if you plan to move to Las Vegas, chances are you’ll have a career closely related to tourism. As has already been mentioned, the state offers no income tax policy, so a lot of companies have its headquarters inside the state of Nevada. Your new office could already be waiting for you. So even if you have no plan to serve the tourists, there will be jobs available for you.

Neon is not the only thing this amazing city has to offer

You will have no problems falling in love with Las Vegas lifestyle, even when moving from another state. One of the reasons Las Vegas is so captivating is that its wonders go beyond the Strip and the neon signs. You’ll have so much to see and experience once you step outside of the city area. There are so many fun and interesting places you can visit around Las Vegas:

  • Valley of Fire state park
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
  • Lake Mead National Recreation Area
  • Mt. Charleston ski resort
  • Death Valley National Park

If you are in a mood for a longer drive, you can also visit the Grand Canyon, which is only four hours away. So as you can see, there are so many outdoor activities you can do. You probably haven’t even thought about them. When moving to LV, It’s not all neon and parties. You can spend time in nature as well.

Oh, how you’ll enjoy the food after moving to LV!

One of the greatest advantages of living in a popular tourist destination would have to be a great choice of restaurants. If you love fine dining, you have so much to look forward to after moving to LV. The most famous restaurants can be pricey, but who cares, right? Well, if you actually do care, then we might recommend the buffets. Las Vegas has an excellent buffet offer and their prices are more than reasonable. And since the city almost never sleeps, you can easily get any kind of food delivered to your place. 

Doesn’t Las Vegas sound like a wonderful place to be? Don’t get us wrong, there are some downsides to this city as well, but this shouldn’t concern you. Moving to Las Vegas can be your best decision in so many different ways. So whatever your reasons for moving are, Las Vegas will welcome you with arms wide open. So start packing and good luck!