Diseases have been affecting human beings since the dawn of time and are sworn, enemies. The healthy human body cells are infected and attacked, compelling people to look for ways and means to cure, protect and prevent future such attacks. The continued development and research in the field of Biotech is contributed immensely by discoveries made in the past like genetically engineered medicines and DNA discovery. There are currently life-saving R&D’s in thousands being carried out across the globe in various areas including Regeneration Medicine & Cell Therapies, Marijuana legalization, immune-oncology and Neuroscience. It has only led the emergence of new startups that are committed to developing preventative and new curative measures within the Biotech industry.

The recently funded Biotechnology companies in the Netherlands have been making headway in research and development with regards to curative and preventative measures.

What are the emerging trends?

Exosomes in Immunotherapy & Cancer Nanomedicine:

There is still no cure for cancer. However, significant developments have been made in R&D of vaccines, therapies and cancer drugs. Exosomes are considered to be versatile and cell driven nanovesicles having the capability to surmount biological barriers. It also can deliver bioactive molecules in huge amounts to particular recipient tissues. This method has only led to the development of mind-boggling approaches in cancer immunotherapy and drug delivery.

Regenerative Medicine & Cell Therapies:

Mankind can now have some hope in this particular aspect. It is now a reality and has become possible to replace and rebuild damaged organs. Successful engineering of the T-cells is credited to the scientists and Noble Prize winners, John Gurdon and Dr. Shinya Yamanaka. The research involved reprogramming of mature cells that were made pluripotent, called T-cells. It is similar to blank discs that can be programmed with anything. With it, it has become possible to combat several dangerous diseases like cancer.


Often, the human brain has been stated to be intricate and complex. This industry is growing and expanding at a fast pace outside and within the biotech industry. The funded Biotechnology companies in the Netherlands are continuing R&D related to brain mapping techniques to help better understand the functioning of the brain.

Healthcare & Artificial Intelligence:

It is Einstein’s 3rd law of motion which changed everything. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast expanding within the biotech industry. Machine learning has penetrated officially the biotech industry. Applications to understand human heart in depth and to develop diagnostic heart conditions have been approved by the FDA. Different companies are focusing on machine learning AIs deployment and development.

Biotech & Marijuana Legalization:

What was once seen with great disdain now is making words in the Biotech industry. Now Cannabis is found beneficial due to its medicinal properties. Its applications are simply limitless, ranging from enhanced metabolism & immune system to reduced blood pressure and cholesterol. Hemp protein supplements can also be purchased off the counter.

Overall, the Biotech industry is fast becoming an integral part of human existence. How R&D is being invested is likely to determine the present and future of human beings.

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