Starting any kind of company is not easy. There are many ups and downs to the process, as you may very well know. However, starting a tech company comes with its own shares of issues. There are tricks of the trade that might be difficult to hack. One of the most important things when starting a tech business is actually – location! It might not seem like a big deal, but it truly is. Finding the right environment for your future tech business is pivotal. And that is not something you should brush aside. So, here are some of the best places to start a tech business in Florida.

To start tech business in Florida, make a plan

It’s most likely that you do have a pretty great idea for your company. However, starting a business, any kind of businesses first requires extensive planning. So, while you look at the list of best places to start a tech business in Florida, take everything into consideration. You need to do a bit more research. Establishing a company is not as easy as finding the perfect place, even though that is pivotal. Make sure to make a plan and to consult experts in your field. If you want your idea to come to life, that is the way to go!

What to look for when searching for the best place

When looking for the best places to start tech business in Florida, look for a place with a surge in millennials. What does this mean? Well, wherever millennials go, technology soon follows, and vice versa. If a city or a town has seen a rise of young people settling there, that means that nice things are coming!

Also, what you need is a place that does not have excessive regulations which may stifle new businesses. Make sure to look into the regulations of the place that you find most appealing to start your tech business. That way, you won’t be ambushed with something that might prevent the development of your company.

The best places to start tech business in Florida

Now, Florida in general is quite appealing to young people who strive to connect business and fun. And what’s more fun than going directly to the beach after work? Or, even, enjoying the sun on the terrace of your 14-floor apartment? But that’s not all. Florida has seen a surge of tech activity in recent years and is becoming quite the business hub. And, in all that buzz, you can find your “perfect place in the sun.”


Of course, when mentioning the best places to start a tech business in Florida, you can never ever forget Miami. Whether in technological innovations or venture capital funding, Miami has shown that it is a rising star in the tech world. Startups around Miami have been receiving more and more venture capital funding recently. Even though most see Miami as a tourism-based economy, it is most definitely not. The scales are tipping towards the tech industry, and they’re tipping fast.

Some of the best neighborhoods in Miami for tech business include Coconut Grove, Brickell and Wynwood. However, even though it is a sure recipient of venture capital funding, research done by Miami Creative City Initiative shows that it is talent and research that Miami needs to invest in. And, with enough planning and foresight, that talent could be you!

Fort Lauderdale

The tech scene of Fort Lauderdale seems to be evolving exponentially in recent years. But, technology and the area go way back. Actually, Fort Lauderdale has been a hotbed of tech companies for decades. One of the best things about the area is the fact that the cost of doing business is significantly lower than in other tech hubs. Another is that Greater Fort Lauderdale is home to both established and promising new tech business. So, if you’re looking to blend experience and rising talent, then look no further. Fort Lauderdale is definitely one of the best places to start tech business in Florida. Just make sure to devote your time to marketing strategies to promote your business in the best way.


If you’re considering starting your tech business in Orlando, you won’t be mistaken. Orlando is hailed as the next Silicon Valley. The local government even aspires to help entrepreneurs to advance innovation and technology. And that means that startups have been flocking to this city. The best place for starting your tech business in Orlando is actually downtown. There you can have access to coworking spaces, business accelerators and many funding opportunities, even from the city itself. So, the only thing that’s left to do is find affordable office moving professionals in FL and make your dreams come true!


Like Orlando, Jacksonville tries in many ways to help its budding tech business scene. The city itself can help you find investors if you choose to establish your business there. Jacksonville even has an annual innovation festival that can help you with funding and capital advice. This has meant a great deal for the tech business in the city, ensuring that it continues to grow. If you need more incentives, Jacksonville’s cost of living is much lower than in San Francisco or New York, the glorified tech hubs. These reasons make Jacksonville one of the best places to start a tech business in Florida, as well as the US.

Additional places to start tech business in Florida

The cities that have been presented are top-notch when it comes to tech business. But here you can find the hidden gems of Florida. They are also the rising stars of the tech community, full of untapped potential.

  • Lake Worth. Even though it is a small town – its population only about 35,000 – Lake Worth is actually an incredibly decent place to start a tech business in Florida. It is worth looking into. It might be time to consider moving your business to Lake Worth.
  • Gainesville. Although another smaller place, Gainesville has created its equivalent of San Francisco’s Silicon Valley – the Innovation Square. It is placed right between downtown and the University of Florida and it serves for students to interact with tech companies. So, if you’re trying to build a future of your tech business, Gainesville is the place to be!
  • Tampa. The city’s special blend of talent, culture, capital, and regulations will make sure that your business thrives. Tampa has shown that it is quite serious about promoting technology and innovation in recent times.