If you are considering a fence for your property then you might be driven to choose wooden fencing. But do you about other non-wood alternatives? Some of them are a much better choice when it comes to durability and prices. In this post we’ll compare aluminum fence with their wooden counterpart:


The price of the fencing project depends on the cost of the material being used and the overall length of the fence etc. With wood, the cost of the fencing can be significant. These fences need regular maintenance and repairs so they continue to create the costs year after year. Sooner than later you will need to replace the wooden fence with something else. But there are distinct advantages of going with aluminum fencing as they tend to be less expensive than many different kinds of wooden fencing. The labor costs associated with the installation of aluminum fences can be significantly lower. The high-quality aluminum does not need to be stained and it does not have to be fixed or replaced as frequently as wooden fences so the long-term costs are lower as well. According to estimates, when you consider maintenance costs, the long-term costs can be more than 40 percent higher. When you compare the life of a wooden fence to aluminum fence, it is no brainer that the aluminum fence is a better investment and offers more value.

Maintenance Requirement

Wood does not weather the elements well. When it is exposed to open conditions, it can bend and wrap with sun and rain and with moisture, it can rot easily. Even when the wood is painted, it can protect the wooden fence for some-time but even these tend to fade in snow and rain. The wooden fences are also more likely to get infected with pests especially when the climate is warm around the year. The aluminum is lightweight and highly durable. It means that bugs and the mold and the coatings of the aluminum tend to hold their color in the sun and rain the wooden fencing that has been painted. If you are in an area where there are four seasons then aluminum is the de- facto choice.


When it comes to installation, wooden fencing takes a lot of time to install. When your contractor is making the fence from the scratch then it takes even more time to install one. There are many ways in which the things may go wrong. When you compare this with the aluminum fences which come in pre-made panels, the installation becomes fast and easy. Every piece is uniform and is designed to work as part of the whole. It is easy to join the various panels. So it can easily be concluded that the aluminum fences are better than their wooden counterparts.


Many wood fences are made with planks or pickets close together and they give you more privacy when you need it. If you maintain your wooden fence well, a closed picket wood fence can very well obstruct the view from the neighbors and can save you from the noise of the passerby. But the aluminum fences are designed with spaces between the picket on each panel. It means that your property will be visible to the onlookers. It offers a unique advantage of making your property visible from the yard. If you want more privacy then you will have to choose the design that obstructs the view of your home. Here as well the aluminum fencing scores well as it offers more privacy at low maintenance.


There are many who will say that a wooden fence looks good. But the looks of a wooden fence can soon wean if it is not properly maintained. You can easily find many wooden fences getting peeled, they get stained easily and the gaps in the fence start to emerge. Only the rustic look lovers prefer the beauty of the fence and the value of the wood fades over time. When it comes to style, wood certainly offers many choices. The paints and stains come in a number of colors and the wood can be cut in any design as long as they are simple. With an aluminum fence, you can rest assured that it will keep the look for. Again there are many choices offenses that are available in the market. But with aluminum fences choices of colors may be limited but as if take into account the popularity of black aluminum fences, you will surely prefer aluminum fences.

In The End

When you compare wooden fences to the key factors like the costs, maintenance requirements, privacy, installation requirements, and aesthetics, you will surely prefer the aluminum fence.

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