The paving stones are elements that allow the filtration of the water allowing it to reach the ground, unlike the traditional asphalt pavements that block the access of the water to the interior.

Durability and useful life:

This point comes to a collation of the previous item, and is that the quality that is required of the paving stones ensures that they guarantee certain durability. A well-placed and well-maintained paving stone can have a useful life that exceeds 40 years.

The simplicity of the construction process:

One of the great advantages provided by the paving stone is that its construction does not involve chemical or thermal processes. This makes the preparation of the paving stone and its subsequent placement can be executed on the same day or from one day to another.

Easy maintenance:

The maintenance and repair of the paving stone is very simple and economical. A fault in the installation or in the block is easy to fix because, unlike asphalt, it is not necessary to destroy and remove it. Being ordered blocks can be removed and replaced by new ones.

Cobblestone Pavers


The paving stones are special to incorporate traffic signals. In addition, its roughness makes the braking distance of vehicles decrease. This translates into greater safety for pedestrians as well as for drivers.

Advantages in paving:

The paving process does not require specialized labor, it does not use petroleum products and its placement is much faster than the asphalt commonly known. In addition, its placement does not require much heavy machinery and can be placed by section making several teams of workers can work at once.

Economic costs:

Cobblestone is economical if we consider its low maintenance, low-cost labor and tools, its useful life and the elements with which the material is made.

Physical qualities:

One of the great virtues of this type of facility is its physical qualities; the same that make it resist the action of frost, acid rain or high temperatures. In addition, another physical advantage is related to its high resistance to wear and scratches caused by vehicles.

Expressive possibilities and aesthetic variations:

The cobblestone, being made up of several pieces, allows us to play with aesthetic variations that break the monotony imposed by the asphalt. In addition, the pavers can be manufactured with different colors to incorporate decorative drawings on the floor.

Quality and certification:

The paving stones are prefabricated elements that arrive ready to a work that allows that the quality of the same is controlled and certified by the same factory that elaborates them.
Environmental benefits with the use of paving stones


The asphalt mix always contaminates when placed, no matter if it is hot or cold mixtures and regardless of a folder or a routine patching. The paper does not contaminate during its placement.

Energy saving:

It is not necessary to heat any of the ingredients to make the paving stone (energy is saved). In the preparation of asphalt concrete aggregates and asphalt must be heated at elevated temperatures. Even after processing, temperatures must be maintained more or less high depending on the time of transport and placement, and even a minimum temperature at which it must be compacted.

Resistance to high temperatures:

The paving absorbs less heat than the asphalt, staying cool and comparatively reducing the temperature of the environment.


Allows water infiltration. The slots left between the waterproof pavers allow the infiltration of water into the lower layers of the soil. The placement of paving stones uses different types of sand and stones, so that the joint is not sealed in a waterproof way, but allows the passage of water. Paver Block Making Machine is the best option for you.

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