A Start-Up Business’ Guide to a Successful Conference


A successful exhibition means a lot to every start-up business. Have you ever thought of planning a business conference but you just don’t know where and how to start? Well, venturing in events can be a great way of getting excellent results in business. Unfortunately, not everyone can organize a successful trade show. For this to be executed successfully, you need to be prepared with enough information coupled with attractive booklets and other print materials.

This means that your company should invest a lot in an event. You would need to prepare well to showcase more about your products, and you need great print materials with an awesome finish to portray a positive image.

Thankfully, we have explored the essential skills that you can add to your conference planning checklist. Here are some of the things that you might find helpful–

Before the Conference

Plan ahead

You need to plan ahead of time to keep things in order. Planning depends on the event you are about to host. Some events may need planning even a year before the event.

Brainstorming session

The main question that you would want to delve into is this: “What would you like to achieve from your event?” Find an answer to this question to know what you want to accomplish. Knowing what your goal is can help you come up with a strategy to attain your target. For example, you can determine if you wish to achieve market leadership, awareness, or customer relationships.

Improve social media

The next rule is to never ignore the power of social media. A trade show is one of the surest ways of getting prospects because you get to meet them personally. After meeting candidates personally, you get to connect with prospects on a personal and deeper level. This could even allow you to set up a quick phone call for further discussions or keep in touch through emails.

You can connect and communicate via LinkedIn and other social media platforms like Facebook.

With the help of social media, you might move from awareness of a product to closing a sale at a tradeshow event.

Create great presentations

Nothing beats a good speaker with a great presentation. Would you like to stand out from the other start-up business? Of course! And you can simply achieve this by having data-driven targeting, unique social media strategy, choice of excellent location, and use of exceptional colors.

Great presentations give you a unique distinction in the marketplace. Always remember to give out something to people who can manage to buy what you have. Whether you use business cards, flyers, or booklets, make sure that they possess the simplicity, elegance, and attraction that your product has.

Research all questions

If there is one thing that you can use as your leverage from other start-up businesses, it’s the fact that you are competent and knowledgeable. If you want your potential customers to have trust in you, you must be ready to answer all their questions. You must be equipped to handle challenging and difficult questions. Please take the time to write down all the possible questions that you may need to answer. A summary of possible answers always comes in handy.

During the Conference

Set up all the marketing materials

You need to organize all the marketing materials before the event. You could incorporate magazine ads, flyers, newspapers, radio spots, and online advertising on social sites as well.

Be punctual

Always be punctual on the appointments you set. It would be wise if you called the people you are looking forward to meeting 3 to 6 weeks before the trade show. Invite them and set individual appointments when you have spare time during the exhibit.

Less visited rooms would be a great choice to meet during the exhibit. Sometimes, even setting up appointments during unusual hours such as 10:30 am helps people not to forget them.

Target specific people

When participating in an event, you would want to anticipate who the attendees are. From there, you can narrow it down by targeting specific people. Who would you like to meet at your tradeshow? In order to be prepared, it would be great to look at their profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

This style of predictive analysis could be a great way to help you determine who to call and what is the right time to do so.

Be assertive but not aggressive

Are you willing to introduce yourself to anyone who happens to pass by? Because that’s what a confident person usually does. Being assertive means having to take the initiative. An initiative to start up a conversation or even an initiative to assist if the situation calls for. Being aggressive, however, is imposing of something that the other person clearly rejects—and that is what we’re trying to avoid.

Always keep in mind that you are supposed to be assertive. If you are an introvert, you might struggle, and you would need a lot of practice and exposure, but if you are an extrovert, interaction just comes naturally.

Be clear 

You should be clear when explaining to people about your business. Try to be specific and straightforward.

As you become specific, avoid using round numbers while giving out statistics. Rounded numbers may appear to be made up.

For example, if you are setting up an appointment, avoid saying, “I will meet you at noon”. You would rather say, “I will meet you at 12.35 p.m.”.

Hand out business card

What good is an event if you are not able to establish connections and not bring a business card? Get ready to carry your business cards in your pocket. Give them to people you interact with at the event and make sure you also ask for theirs for reference.

Provide great entertainment

Entertainment is a great strategy to add because it attracts crowds and makes them stay at the event a little longer. Make sure that entertainers are booked as early as possible so that you can include them in your adverts as well. Try to incorporate entertainment that suits the theme of your trade show.

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Connect to your target through an emotional story

If you want to connect with the person, never be too reluctant to share a story that you know he can relate to. Everyone has problems they are trying to solve. Stories capture attention and help your audience reflect similar experiences in their lives. After getting the attention of your prospects, you will give a certain impression that you are someone who’s just not there to sell. And eventually, you’d be surprised that they are likely to provide you with their offers.

After the Conference

Follow up immediately

You should be fast in responding to leads. Remember that you have competitors, and you cannot let the time pass by without following up. You could start as soon as after 5 minutes. Sometimes potential customers need a little nudge. If you take too long to ask for an update, you might lose an opportunity of closing a sale. You could key in the business cards immediately after the trade show. Don’t forget to connect on LinkedIn as well. 

Be persistent

Persistence has always been a challenge, and, sometimes, it’s hard for a salesperson to be persistent. While a regular salesperson attempts to make 1-5 phone calls as they follow up on a lead, there is always a need to make it up to 6 to 9 attempts.

You deserve a successful conference event, and it’s never that complicated to host one. All you need is to set everything on time and make sure that you have all the skills listed above.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have any additional tips that you might find helpful? Please feel free to share in the comments section below.

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