One of the fundamental requirements that have become for us is having an air conditioner. It makes our life more comfortable and the sunny days were cooling. Although, many people don’t prefer air conditioner but are planning to buy.

Many factors depend upon selecting the air conditioner (AC). The struggle becomes real when you don’t know what to consider and how. It’s a daunting task. However, you need not to worry anymore. Today in this blog we are going to share with you essential points to think before purchasing the AC. Here’s what you need to look:

1. What type of AC do you want?

One of the primary things to think about is what kind of AC you prefer. It depends upon the size of your room. The layout of the room matters significantly. If you are considering to have split AC, then you will require space for the outdoor unit.
Similarly, if you are someone who owns a small home or perhaps keep shifting from one place to the other, then window AC is an ideal option.

2. Does it make noise?

A very vital point is whether the air conditioner makes noise or not. There are air conditioners that make noise thereby making it impossible to sleep. However, always ensure that the only sound in the room must be of a fan, not an air conditioner.

3. Tonnage Needs

Air conditioning is a necessity in today’s world. Purchasing the AC requires you to consider tonnage. At the time, some people end up buying larger AC’s that have more capacity. It consumes more power and creates discomfort. Hence, always check upon the tonnage.

4. Marketing Purpose

Every seller is going to perform every marketing strategy in order to sell his or her air conditioners. Consumers are often attracted towards it, thereby making them to purchase it.

Nevertheless, do not fall for the traps. It will not only become costly for you but also will not provide you the service you expected. Ask questions to the seller related air conditioner. Can we run during extreme heat? Will it get damage and other such things? Go for the basics. By that, we mean is look out for the common points that play an important role in running the air conditioners. In the next point, we have jotted them down. Take a look!

5. Features That You Cannot Overlook

There are many features that often the consumers overlook. At this point, we are going to mention some of them.

• If you are buying the air conditioner for the room, then have the 4-way swing.
• When the air within the home isn’t clean then, it creates havoc and of course breathing problems. Therefore, buy the AC that consists of air purifier installed.
• A dehumidifier is crucial for those who live in the coastal area.
• In case of the power cut then must have a restart option.

6. Warranty

There are few air conditioners that provide you a warranty for longer periods, unlike others. However, be certain and check on the manufacturer’s website to verify the warranty period.

Crosscheck it and confirm it with the retailer in related with the model you are purchasing.

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