7 Highly Effective Habits for Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur


Nobility rests in taking up sound daily choices and habits.  High performers acknowledge the need to be proactive every moment of the day. Thus, they own their schedule as a beloved adornment. Most people fail to realize how they how ineffectively they are using their time. But there are people who keep track of every minute they spend their energy on; they’re en-route to the entrepreneurial path.

Successful entrepreneurs incorporate certain habits to help them excel consistently. This article will take you through the 7 highly effective habits that entrepreneurs bring into play:

Stay optimistic:

Entrepreneurship is undoubtedly exciting yet challenging altogether.  But, ever wondered if entrepreneurs piled themselves with stress what would happen. The entire trail from an entrepreneur’s mental state, clients, customers, investors to everything else, would be caught in a cumbersome loop.

Entrepreneurship is undoubtedly exciting yet challenging altogether. But, ever wondered if entrepreneurs piled themselves with stress what would probably happen. The entire trail from an entrepreneur’s mental state, clients, customers, investors to everything else, would be caught in a cumbersome loop.  Obstacles are inherent in all ventures, but what makes the entrepreneurial ride thrilling is a positive mindset.   Approaching every minuscule task with optimism sets an entrepreneur apart from an ordinary human.


Entrepreneurs across the globe make it a point to indulge in any form of sports or workout. Exercising keeps entrepreneurs in good form along with blessing them with a work-life balance.

Exercise enhances blood circulation and memory; promotes brain chemical changes that boost- learning, mood, and cognition. Well, a brain is what fuels entrepreneurial creative and management skills- including exercise in the daily regime is essential.

In fact, a jog or run is known to be an equivalent of anti-depressants, thereby lowering stress hormone release.

Time management:

 All the successful entrepreneurs you know have the same 24 hrs just like you. But what sets them apart is that they follow a fundamental that is- the 80-20 RULE.

So, what’s the 20-80 Rule?

The basic thought underlying this rule is that 20% of tasks you do make up for 80% of your income.  This signifies prioritizing the core 20% of tasks and create a fuss with microscopic tasks.

Entrepreneurs are always in a rush to meet the deadline. Consequently, they can’t execute every idea that crops in their heads.  Time management is what they learn to master as they work and expand their operations.


 Entrepreneurs starve out of curiosity to learn more and feed their brainbox. They practice what is called- replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity. Curiosity to learn and discover the new is the power source of victory, and entrepreneurs have ingrained this in their brains.

Experimenting, reading newspapers and books, and gauging the outcome is amusing for entrepreneurs.  They have such rich-content and learn from other’s failures too. Thus, entrepreneurs do in-depth research and study case studies to learn about the highs and lows of businesses.

Innovation is produced out of the inquisitiveness of entrepreneurs.

Calculated Risk Takers:

Yes! Entrepreneurs take calculated risks and not risks just out of thin air. They have a plan laid out, hence they’re not nutty to plunge in an unfortunate circumstance. 

Dumping a constant-paying job to run one’s own business is a risk in itself and requires a considerable amount of money too. Entrepreneurs take baby steps towards their end- goal to be considerate of risk factors that are likely to be encountered.

Being unsure whether a risk would pay-off or not, doesn’t hold back an entrepreneur from taking risks. What’s really is risky is not taking the risk. Studies reveal that risk-takers live a more content life compared to naysayers, as they imagine ‘what if I did this…’.

Focus on the Bigger picture:

Entrepreneurs can’t risk to miss out on the bigger picture. As a leader, they’ve to swim the same waters as their team. To attain the desired ROI and probably more than that, dedicated effort should be twofold.

Furthermore, setting unattainable expectations makes room for unwanted criticism and self-loath.

The mantra is to dwell on seeking growth, not excellence (excellence will come after). Multi-tasking only invites distractions, that too when you’re the owner of the start-up. Since an entrepreneur’s to-do list is everlasting, they focus on the high-value tasks enduring their start-up’s mission.


Entrepreneurs steadily level up their networking skills and make the most of every event. Entrepreneurs try to pitch themselves at various events as they’re to build their network from scratch. This entails not to shy away from any prospective gathering.

Practice socializing at gatherings, and soon you’ll find an automatic conversation fluidity coming to you. Ideally, this is the first step on the ladder to building professional relationships. Segregate your network and personalize your approach towards each segment.

Hopefully these smart choices and well-picked productive habits give early risers or potential entrepreneurs a jolt of motivation. Don’t be harsh on yourself to practice these habits all in one go. Go by dribs and drabs technique. Once you gain the momentum, there’s no foot-dragging further. To succeed, you need to be versatile, competitive, persistent, and efficient, but you also must infuse a bunch of basic yet quality daily habits so you can magnetically attract success. Not only do the habits that we possess impact the virtue of our lives, but they also embody our potency to succeed.


Abhyank Srinet holds a Masters in Management degree from ESCP Europe & has an engineering degree with a specialization in Instrumentation & Control. His interest in the digital landscape motivated him to create an online startup for Masters in Management application consulting (MiM-Essay), focused on spreading quality information about the MiM degree & performing application consulting services for clients. He is the chief consultant of the company and takes care of Business Development and Digital Marketing side of the company.

He is very passionate about writing and marketing.

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