As September nears, it’s back-to-school time for children. The routine also ask you to ensure on the safety of the car and the tyres being the only source of contact with the road. Before driving your children to school on mere assumptions, have a look at essential tyre check for maximum safety.

1. Importance of tread depth

Tyre tread is among the most important aspect as it dispels water from the road surface and maintains grip; both of which are crucial during wet weather. When purchasing a set of premium Tyres in Sharjah, they’re likely to come with a tread depth of approximately 8mm. However, tread depth is meant to worn and reduce overtime naturally but quick wearing is a problem.

Riding on a tread depth below the legal minimum is dangerous as well as illegal. While many countries consider 1.6mm as a legal minimum, tyre experts recommend 3mm because the rate below this increases the stopping distance. Premium-grade tyre manufacturers nowadays include an added feature to their tyres that’s tread wear indicator which alerts the driver when tread depth falls below 3mm.

2. The pressure check

Tyre pressure also ensures on the safety of your vehicle as well as saves you money that otherwise you’d spent on damage recovery from inaccurate pressure. Underinflated tyres increase the chance of uneven tyre wear, causes bulges in the tyre which lifts if from the central area thereby reducing the vehicle’s grip on the road. Besides, driving on underinflated tyre puts more pressure on the engine which also increases the fuel consumption.
On the contrary, overinflated tyres also cause uneven tread wear whereas the likelihood of tyre blowout and rigidness to absorb shocks puts the entire vehicle at risk of losing control, especially when driving on the higher speed. All in all, tyre pressure check is another important pre-school fact.

3. Damage checks

It’s always important to regular

ly check the tyre conditions for possible visual damage. Maintaining correct tyre pressure reduces the likelihood of tyre punctures and blowouts. Sharp objects like glass and metal are commonly found on the road surface that can embed in the tyre causing certain damage. Although prevention isn’t always possible, early damage inspection allows you to take timely action and preventive measures from more serious and costly issues.

4. Latest technology in puncture protection

Premium-grade manufacturers and distributors of tyres in Sharjahalways recommend tyres that are better at puncture protection. Self-healing and nanotechnology have produced tyres that are excellent when it comes to longevity and protection. This self-healing technology can patch up a hole up to 5mm in diameter which prevents the air from flowing out as you continue driving peacefully.

5. Choosing the right tyres

If your car tyres need replacement, there’re many factors to consider when deciding on the best pair for your vehicle. The type of car you drive, driving style, road condition and how often you drive; all factors in the decision when purchasing tyres. In case most of your driving is on the motorway, prefer buying tyres that offer greater fuel economy and contributes to a more comfortable journey. But if yours are shorter journeys, priorities can be different.

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