Revamping Spaces to Safety Spaces: Commercial Upholstery and Sports Padding


Creating new commercial spaces is an exciting process. But making the right choice for upholstery can be a daunting task – what with all the options available to choose from and the need for a guarantee of good quality and services.

There are many one-stop solutions for all the requirements when it comes to commercial upholstery and sports padding. Supplying to some of the biggest names in the field of automotive, heavy transport, recreational vehicles, and sports padding industries – these companies provide the best upholstery solutions in Australia.

Commercial Upholstery:

High-level skills in upholstery range from vehicle interiors, truck upholstery, bus, trams, trains, caravan upholstery, office furniture, restaurant furniture upholstery, medical furniture upholstery, gym equipment with a promise of the best upholstery vinyl Australia.

Sports and Safety Padding:

The sports and safety padding is designed and manufactured to meet the standards of many different requirements like gymnastics, playgrounds, trampoline centres, dojos, climbing walls, bouldering walls, outdoor sports fields, schools, kindergartens, skateboarding, ninja, boxing rings, etc.

Skilled professionals along with smart systems and processes ensure the quality and durability of the products. The manufacturing process is fascinatingly detailed and intricate and includes the following steps:

Designing: Using state-of-the-art software for detailed designing helps the designers achieve perfection. Accurate patterns allow efficiency and ease of sewing and results in a fabulous outcome for commercial upholstery and sports padding.

Material Selection: Selecting the right materials to ensure the quality, durability and the longevity of the product. The selection process includes careful consideration of the foam, the process followed for manufacturing the foam and its performance and the durability of the foam.

Product Testing: The testing includes an impressive system for scientifically testing sports padding in venues and mapping the results. Any glitches or faults are immediately notified to ensure consideration and alteration at the initial stage itself.

Planning: The process of manufacturing is managed by dedicated software that ensures a smooth process. Any issues or challenges arising during the process are sent directly to the supervisors to ensure that the necessary solutions are obtained. This facilitates timely deliveries without compromising on the quality.

Cutting: Commercial fabric and foam cutting are managed using Pathfinder and Aristo cutting machines. This allows for accurate cutting of the fabric after which parts are put in kits and sent out for delivery or assembly to the upholstery departments.

Sewing: With experts in fabrics like upholstery vinyl Australia, canvas, twill, neoprene and leather, the sewing factory is well equipped with machinery for all kinds of sewing tasks including heavy sewing, commercial sewing, and contract sewing projects.

Upholstery: With years of experience and knowledge, the professionals are capable of undertaking the simple as well as the most complex upholstery jobs.

Quality: Quality assurance is the top priority of the entire process. The team offers full traceability of the finished products with customer order numbers.

Delivery: With in-line sequencing of parts and deliveries, customer satisfaction is guaranteed with timely deliveries.


These are just some of the ways to revamp spaces to make it safer and more comfortable.

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